Are We on the Brink of Revival?

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Is America poised for a great spiritual awakening? Many factors argue against it. Several years ago Chuck Colson issued a solemn warning about the decline of our culture. He spotlighted three ominous trends-partial-birth abortion, euthanasia, and the movement to legalize gay marriage. It may be that we are headed for another "dark age" as America slips into the moral abyss and we face the raw edge of paganism in a situation reminiscent of the one faced by Christians in the first century.

But at the same time respected Christian leaders predict that we as a nation may be on the brink of a great spiritual awakening.  Are we or are we not on the brink of a supernatural movement of God in America? I put the question directly to Mark Bubeck, author of .Preparing for Battle: A Spiritual Warfare Workbook. There is no one I respect more for his spiritual insight and godly wisdom. His ministry takes him across America so he has a good sense of the big picture.

Dr. Bubeck said that he believes there must be a new brokenness among the people of God before true revival can come. As long as we blame "someone else" for the spiritual condition of America, nothing will change. In fact, it is very likely God is using the moral disintegration of this nation as a means of calling his people to prayer and repentance.

Like Nathan of old, the Holy Spirit is speaking this message to our hearts: "Thou art the man!"  We need not look at anyone else. Look in the mirror and you will see the truth.

I am reminded of a prayer that goes like this: "O Lord, change the word. Begin, I pray thee, with me." If you would see America changed, the place to begin is in your own heart. Let revival begin there and there is no telling where it will end.