A Sunday Morning Prayer by R. W. Dale

Dr. Ray Pritchard

R. W. Dale pastored Carr’s Lane Church in Birmingham, England from 1859-1895. He is a remembered as a powerful preacher of the Word who had a great concern for the civic life of Birmingham, and of England generally. These excerpts come from a prayer printed in the British Weekly Pulpit, 1889.


Almighty God, we give Thee thanks that the great hopes of Thy saints in ancient days are already in part fulfilled. We rejoice that Thou hast Thyself come into the world, in the person of Jesus Christ our Lord, to forgive sin, and to deliver men from all sorrow, to live by grace in paths of righteousness, to bring men to Thine eternal glory.


We give Thee thanks on behalf of all in this congregation who are able to rejoice that Thou hast become unto them everlasting light. The darkness has passed away. They have come to see the greatness, the blessedness to which Thou has created men, and have found in Thyself eternal life, strength, and righteousness while their infirmities are still upon them, and a sure hope of final triumph over all evil.


Grant unto us, we beseech Thee, continually, the teaching of Thy Holy Spirit, that we may know Thy will, as Thou has taught us to pray, “Thy will be done on earth even as it is in heaven.” May we, within the limits of own personal lives at least, strive to get that prayer answered day by day and week by week; may it be more perfectly developed in our spirit, character and conduct.


We entreat Thee to bless this church in its great endeavor to get the will of God done on earth as it is done in heaven. In this church may the kingdom of Christ manifestly come. May all its members be loyal to Him, may their hearts overflow with love to their brethren because their brethren are redeemed.


Hear our prayers for our country that those to whom government is entrusted may consider whose servants they are, and how great are the issues of their policy. May they fear God, and have no other fear; may they love righteousness and peace. We beseech Thee to make clear their path, guide and preserve them through all troubles, uncertainties, and difficulties. Restore order and peace, we beseech Thee, where order is still uncertain and peace is wanting. And grant that all nations may soon come to know that Christ has redeemed them and that they are children of the eternal God. For Christ’s sake, Amen.