Saturday Odds and Ends

Dr. Ray Pritchard

7:36 AM Today's agenda: Empty the garage, paint it, clean the floor, and put everything back where it belongs. Our house is up for sale and we have a showing at 5:15 PM so we've got to get it done before then. That plus ride my bike, get my sermon ready for tomorrow, and get ready to fly to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon for the Christian Booksellers annual convention.


7:35 AM This article is worth reading as a reminder of what we're up against in the ongoing culture wars. Although it may sound farfetched, the day may come when pastors will not preach against homosexuality for fear of being arrested.


7:33 AM The Cubs beat the White Sox yesterday, 7-4, and half the city is in mourning.


7:23 AM The folks at Christianity Today really like the new movie, The Notebook, based on the best-selling Nicholas Sparks novel. I note in passing that someone close to me is looking forward to going with several of her friends to see this movie on Monday. I will be in Atlanta so it will be a girls-night-out, or day-out, or something like that.