You're OK!

Lori Smith

You're okay.  Has anyone told you that lately?


You don't need a girlfriend, a husband, someone to tell you when you've got broccoli in your teeth. You're exactly where God wants you to be.


Sunday mornings are the most difficult part of the week: You don't fit in at church. Yet you fit perfectly in God's plan. He has a reason for your singleness. And He doesn't think any less of you for it.


You have no need to be ashamed that God has given you this calling. His call may be for today, for the next two months, or for 20 years. Take it day by day.


You aren't any less valuable than Helen, with her home-schooled family of eight, or any more valuable than Susan, who never married, and just turned 72.


What if you messed up? Maybe you did. Maybe you made your choice too young, you didn't listen to your friends.  Your happily-ever-after ended with an eventual brokenness you never thought possible.


But God (have I told you?—those are my favorite words) isn't crippled by our mistakes. In spite of ourselves, God will do something good with us, and in us.


We often think that there's a perfect plan out there for us, and that God will take away our access to that plan if we mess up. That thinking doesn't jive with the reality of our God. Is He a schoolteacher in a bad mood on exam day?

It would be more appropriate to say that God wants to give us good things (good spiritual things—a kind heart, a generous spirit—in addition to good material things) and if we mess up, God forgives us, and still He enjoys giving us good things.


So today, take a break from "what if" and "if only." Savor the fact that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and that you're right where you're supposed to be.


Lori Smith lives in northern VA where she frequents a local ballet studio, hikes in the Shenandoahs, and throws the occasional pity party.  Find more of her writing and preview The Single Truth at


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