My Corner of the World

Dr. Ray Pritchard

A few random thoughts . . .

1) The Cardinals over the Astros, the Red Sox over the Yankees, the Cardinals over the Red Sox, the Cubs over all of them.

2) Rick Suddith emailed me last Friday that he was going to the Homecoming game at Russellville (AL) High School. They were playing Muscle Shoals. No big deal. Russellville won 42-17. But Rick reminded me that Muscle Shoals broke Russellville's 41-game unbeaten streak back in 1969 when he was a junior and I was a senior. That's 35 years ago and I still remember the cheering from the Muscle Shoals side of the field. Because I was in the band, we attended every game. The Russellville Golden Tigers lost the first game of my freshman year and didn't lose again until the last game of my senior year, winning two state championships in the process. And Muscle Shoals broke that streak. You don't forget stuff like that, not even after 35 years.

3) I expect President Bush to do fine in the debate tomorrow night. And I also think the election will go right down the wire. Can't remember a time when the nation was as bitterly divided as now. David Brooks points out that this election is about two different visions for America.

4) Nice note from someone who has attended Calvary for a few months and is now moving to Wisconsin:

I have felt spiritual growth and I certainly feel a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My husband has taken communion for the first time in 25 years--What a blessing!

5) Fall is my favorite season in the Midwest. I spoke with someone from San Antonio last week who told me, "We don't have fall here. It's hot and then it gets cold." It gets plenty cold in Chicago, but that's several months off. For the moment, things are beautiful in my corner of the world.

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