Good News on the Creation-Evolution Front

Dr. Ray Pritchard

"Was Darwin Wrong?" That's the lead article in the the November 2004 issue of National Geographic. Not surprisingly, the magazine confidently concludes that Darwin was right in proposing an evolutionary framework for explaining the origin of life on earth. However, the author is perplexed that millions of Americans don't agree:

Other people too, not just scriptural literalists, remain unpersuaded about evolution. According to a Gallup poll drawn from more than a thousand telephone interviews conducted in February 2001, no less than 45 percent of responding U.S. adults agreed that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so." Evolution, by their lights, played no role in shaping us . . .


In other words, nearly half the American populace prefers to believe that Charles Darwin was wrong where it mattered most.

This is truly bad news for the scientific establishment that has invested so much (literally and figuratively) in the evolutionary worldview. But the news gets even worse according to a recent CBS News poll:

Americans do not believe that humans evolved, and the vast majority says that even if they evolved, God guided the process. Just 13 percent say that God was not involved. But most would not substitute the teaching of creationism for the teaching of evolution in public schools.

When the poll results are sorted by which candidate the respondents voted for in the presidential election, the results are striking. Here are the percent that agreed with this statement: "God created humans in present form":


All Americans -- 55%

Kerry voters -- 47%

Bush voters -- 67%


This suggests that Romans 1:19-20 offer the best explanation. the truth about God the Creator has been "clearly seen" by all people.