China Trip--Day 1

Dr. Ray Pritchard

8:01 AM We started the day by going to First Watch, a weekly meeting for the men of our church. I don't know if Mark and Nick and Alan were quite as enthused as I was to be rolling out of bed at 5:30 AM. Over 100 men gathered for breakfast, Bible study and prayer. I shared a bit about our trip, then Skip Olson prayed for us. Afterwards I photocopied our travel documents. Then back home for final packing. We're carrying two bags each plus a carryon plus a couple of portable computers. The United Flight leaves Terminal 1 at O'Hare. It's about 15 hours nonstop to Beijing. That's 3 meals and 4 movies, I guess. Josh and Pat McGuin will be waiting for us at the other end. At the moment we're sitting around the living room, killing time, waiting for Howard to pick us up in the church van. We have supplies to deliver to Josh, plus notes from friends, and so many people have asked us to say hi to Josh, I can't remember them all. I think we're packed and ready to go. I will add more notes later in the day or when we get to Beijing.

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