My February Sunburn

Dr. Ray Pritchard

The only significant news of the day is that I managed to get a sunburn this afternoon. After several cold days, the temperature warmed up into the low 40s this afternoon so I decided to take a bike ride. Last year I rode 3452 miles but so far this year I'm off to very slow start. Since coming back from China, I've hardly ridden at all. After several "draggy" days, I knew I needed to go for a long ride. Today I rode for an hour and half, from Oak Park, south into Berwyn, then through Riverside and west into Brookfield and finally to LaGrange. I had overdressed for the ride so I took off my three layers of head covering and kept riding. It felt great. When I got back home, I certainly was more relaxed. Several hours later, Marlene looked at me and said, "Are you mad?" "No." "Your face is very red." I looked in the mirror and realized that I have a sunburn. I think it's the first time I've ever gotten a sunburn in February. It's not much to report, but I'm happy about it, and I think it will be several more months before I get sunburned legs.


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