Word of Life Florida--Day 3

Dr. Ray Pritchard

We've had excellent weather this week--clear, mostly sunny, with some strong winds this afternoon. Temps in the low 70s. That's a far cry from the snow and sub-freezing temps back in Oak Park. After lunch I borrowed Bill Price's bike and rode 27 miles on the Suncoast Trail. During my ride I saw five other bikers. The rest of the time, I had the trail to myself. Built next to a freeway, the trail passes through marshland, pine forests, and past a few small farms. I barely made it back in time for supper . I think I could easily ride100 miles a week if I lived near a trail like this. Of course, Florida summers tend to be hot and sticky. The weather right now is just about perfect for riding.

Tonight Woodrow Kroll delivered a powerful message on the theme of God's reliability. He used three familiar biblical examples to show how that truth works out in the nitty-gritty of daily life:


We can trust God even when we don't have the evidence we seek (Abraham).
We can trust God even when we don't have the explanation we want (Moses).
We can trust God even when we don't have the experience we need (Joshua).

His comments on Joshua struck me as very powerful. Joshua was a "second lieutenant" who was suddenly promoted to General of the Army. He pointed out that when Moses died, the situation seemed difficult. But Joshua 1:1 says, "Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore . . ." As if God is saying, "Moses is dead. No big deal. He served his generation. Now you go and serve yours." Joshua didn't replace Moses because you can't "replace" a man like that. "Nothing of God dies when a man of God dies." Because God's character is reliable, his promises span the generations. The great men and women who came before are dead and gone. This is our day, and we must serve him now. If we do, we will find him faithful. Someday we will be gone, and those who come after us will find him faithful too. A stirring, powerful reminder that we can trust God today because "his promises have no expiration date."

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