Word of Life Florida--Day 5

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Quick note at the end of a busy, rainy day at Word of Life Florida. Woodrow Kroll delivered a strong evangelistic message this AM on the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19. He was "too short to see, too high to be missed, too needy to pass by, and too convicted to stay the same." We had a nice surprise when Paul and Phyllis Lavenau and Dick and Ann Baer came for the morning services. They live about an hour east of here, not far from Leesburg. Every year for the last three or four years, they have come over for a visit. We ate lunch with them and spent several hours laughing together and getting caught up. I preached tonight from the story of Samson and Delilah (Judges 16). After Samson falls in the hands of the Philistines, his eyes are gouged out, his hands and feet are bound, and he is taken to a prison in Gaza. I pointed out that the sin we tolerate today may come back to destroy us tomorrow. The sad story ends on a solitary note of hope when verse 22 says that Samson's hair began to grow again. After challenging the people to deal with sin seriously, and after calling the men to "rise up" for the Kingdom of God, I told everyone to go home and get a good night of sleep because there will be good news at the end of Samson's story tomorrow morning.

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