My Friend Prayed for Me

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Last night a close friend who lives in another part of the country called and we talked for an hour. We chatted about things happening in his life, his family, and in his career. At this moment, he's facing a possible change that may uproot him. We laughed and talked and I shared with him news from my corner of the world, including some things the Lord has laid on my heart in the last year or two. Finally there came that moment when we had said everything that needed to be said. Time to say goodbye and hang up. But before we did that, he said, "Let's pray." And he began to pray for me.

I can't remember exactly what he said, but he lifted me up before the Lord. Then he prayed for my wife by name and for my three sons by name, asking God's blessings on each one. He prayed for guidance and strength. There was something else in there also that I find hard to put into words. As he prayed, I sensed the presence of the Lord very powerfully, as if the Lord Jesus himself was listening in and praying along with us.

Yesterday was a jangly, difficult day for me. Every time I felt my feet reaching solid ground, it seemed to slip out from under me. And by nightfall nothing seemed solid. I suppose we all have days like that. But after my friend prayed, peace returned to my heart. And today I walk in a wide place where yesterday I could not find the path.

I had a friend who called and prayed for me. And that made all the difference. 

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