Abortifacients at School: Freedom or Tyranny

Paul Dean

The Santa Rosa City Board of Education gave the go ahead for the Elsie Allen High School clinic to prescribe and distribute contraceptives, including the controversial "morning after pill," also known as "Plan B." Students from the entire Northern California school district may avail themselves of the contraceptives and abortion pills. A larger issue emerges when this move is combined with California's Minor Consent Laws. Students as young as 14 are now able to receive birth control patches, oral and intravenous birth control, the abortifacient "morning after pill," and condoms without the consent or even notification of their parents.

A word of clarification regarding terminology is in order here. Pro-abortionists have systematically attempted to redefine conception to refer to the implantation of the fertilized egg in the woman's womb rather than the bare fact of the egg being fertilized. Life begins at the moment of conception, and, conception is that moment when the egg is fertilized. If the definition of conception can be successfully changed to refer not to fertilization but implantation, the debate over abortion will be put on a different plane. "Plan B" and other methods will no longer be considered abortion and millions more will die who would not have died as an ignorant public will follow the standard line and definitions health-care professionals and political pundits offer. "After all, a doctor should know, right?"

Moreover, how many are aware that certain birth control pills taken by millions of women every day, including Christian women, can act as abortifacients? Many of those women, if informed, would no doubt find another means of birth control. If conception is successfully redefined, even if only at the popular level, or simply for ease of use in terms of the overall concept of contraception and related issues, it will simply be another human atrocity not likely to be surpassed.

No doubt exists that a number of critical problems flow from such a move by the Education Board. First, regardless of extant laws and practice, the distribution of oral contraception to 14 year olds without parental notice is unconscionable. Well documented are the health risks associated with oral birth control including possible heart attack or stroke, hormonal imbalances provoking of numerous problems including mood swings or even personality change, and loss of sex drive. Children are not capable of making informed and proper decisions regarding birth control in the face of peer pressure, unchecked desire, and tacit approval demonstrated in the aforementioned distribution. Parents must be informed when the health of their children is at issue.

Second, the Eagle Forum of California is distributing online petitions calling for the Santa Rosa City Board of Education to repeal the rule and teach abstinence education instead. According to Jared Ede, the Eagle Forum asserts that the change actually promotes sexual activity. "Use of contraceptives brings higher risk of increase in sexual activity [...] and rate of promiscuity increases." Of course, it goes without saying that increased sexual activity not only increases the number of sexually transmitted diseases, but it also increases the number of pregnancies and thus the number of abortions.

Because California State Law allows any minor 12 years of age or older to obtain an abortion, testing for pregnancy and HIV, as well as treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, some feel that not only will sexual activity increase as it is actually promoted in this way, but now 12 year olds will possess birth control, including the abortifacient "Plan B." However, a representative of the school district said students under 14 would not be affected as the youngest students they serve in high school are not that old. Thanks for the word of comfort.

Third, it is also appropriate to point out the attending dangers of certain sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS) resultant from increased sexual activity. Obviously, AIDS brings death. The concept of safe-sex apart from the monogamy of marriage is not only unbiblical but mythological. With the availability and approval of oral contraception and the "morning after pill," the message of safe sex is set aside. Even with the distribution of condoms, again, increased usage of such among teens only increases the spread of disease as the condoms are frequently used improperly or fail for one reason or another. Not only will our children be allowed to kill their children, but the likelihood of their own suffering and/or slow death will only increase.

Fourth, certainly parents' rights are obliterated when their children can kill their grandchildren without notice. Not only are these children being encouraged to murder, with the result that their parents are now the parents of murderers, but many parents will never know their own grandchildren this side of eternity as long as their children keep their secret.

Sadly ironic is the fact that The Santa Rosa City Board of Education's policy stipulates that parental consent must be obtained for any other type of medication to be prescribed or distributed. In some cases, a clinician must approve the prescription or distribution.   The reasons for such a policy are clear: parents must be informed when the health of their children is at issue; parents have rights; children are mentally and morally incapable of making medical decisions; the ingestion of medication often poses other health risks; etc. All of these reasons are valid in regard to the issue at hand as well. At least we can make sense of this convoluted thinking that disallows distribution of a flu shot but allows distribution of the "morning after pill:" total depravity.

Fifth, distribution of contraception to students is a propagation of a particular worldview. That worldview is humanistic atheism. Neither morality nor murder are issues on such a worldview. Don't be fooled. State education does indeed promote an atheistic worldview on a variety of fronts. Here we see a glaring example of the establishment of religion. When the state willingly propagates an atheistic worldview through the encouragement of promiscuous sex without responsibility, cold-blooded murder without consequence, and wanton rebellion without notification, it has established and imposed its worldview on an unsuspecting and vulnerable populace.


Sixth, when the rights of parents have been trampled upon and their children have been effectively kidnapped through worldly philosophy, the state has once again become the predator from which we need protection. That which is established to protect us has turned against us. In light of the fact that Christian morality is obliterated and serial murder is promoted by distribution of contraceptives and abortifacients to children, it is not wrong to say that the state has become our enemy and tyranny reigns. All the while, an unsuspecting public quietly sleeps. But let me whisper this in their ears: "Beware lest anyone kidnap you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ (Col. 2:8)."


"California Ed Code 51553 calls for a true abstinence program to be taught in public schools." Eagle Forum claims that the Santa Rosa City Board of Education failed to teach abstinence appropriately. Of course, abstinence is too simplistic in the Board of Education's view. In their minds, abstinence is a restriction of their freedom. Thus, they ignore the law for a nobler goal. The sad truth is, it is their freedom that brings enslavement and death to so many.


Not only has the Board of Education ignored the law, but it has become a law unto itself. In so doing, not only is it trampling the rights of parents, but indeed it obliterates the rights of those it purports to help through its destructive worldview and practice. On a humanistic atheistic worldview, rights are irrelevant and destruction is applauded. One can only hope that the sleeping giant wakes up and shakes off this tyranny in an orderly way via democratic process before its too late and it has to be shaken off some other way, if it's even possible. Abortifacients at school without parental notification: freedom or tyranny? You tell me.