Move America Forward Offers Email

Eric Hogue

An "under the table" email has been sent to the Western Alliance Bloggers from "Move America Forward". (Seems to me that actions like this tent to backfire).

I've asked, and obtained the email sent from a "Move America Forward" board member, in a separate posting I'll offer the exact email.

Here is today's posting from Western Alliance Member,  Right Side Blog discussing his receiving of the MAF Email, and how it relates to me personally...

I received an email from Joe Wierzbicki of Move America Forward. He was asking me to look into more detail the events of the “You don’t Speak for Me Cindy Sheehan” tour. And I did. Joe feels that local talk show host Eric Hogue is being unfair to MAF and the tour. That maybe true, but let us take a look at the situation completely objectively.

Joe writes:

“I've enjoyed getting to know Eric from the days of the recall campaign, and while I regret that Move America Forward is caught in between the factions in the radio wars, I am not going to respond to his attacks with more attacks from me. The circular firing squad amongst conservatives only helps those who wish our demise.”

I have had the pleasure of meeting Eric before the Western Alliance was first being developed. I have been listening to Eric since 9/11 happened. Over the last nearly four years I come to know that Eric speaks with much thought and details. Does he have biases, sure and he doesn’t hide them. He is a Conservative, and he doesn’t hide that fact.

MAF started out with clear objective of making sure that our solders understand that the majority of Americans support them and tasks that they have in front of them. MAF is still doing this, answering the call to spread the word that Cindy Sheehan does not speak for all families, specifically mothers.

Joe is correct that in-fighting amongst conservatives can be detrimental to our cause. What Joe does not realize, or at least is forgetting in this situation is that the one thing about the conservative side of the isle that is so important is the fact that we can have two Talk Show hosts, that are on the same side of the isle, that disagree with how to best spread the word that the American Public is behind our troops.

I have been listening to Eric’s position on the subject, and as many of you know, I don’t listen to Mark Williams, because I believe the issues are the important matter not necessarily tours.

The issue that Eric Hogue brings to the table, is simple. How did Cindy Sheehan become an expert on war strategies, the logistics of the war on terror, when she has no experience in the military for herself?

Her son was killed in action, he chose to fight for his country and the freedom of those who were suppressed by a tyrant. We all feel sorry for Cindy and her family’s loss. The way she is being used by the liberal organizations to politicize her loss is shameful. This is where we all agree, I believe.

Where we differ is that Eric, and I feel that MAF has done the same thing with Deborah Johns. They put her at the same level as Cindy Sheehan. While I agree that there needs to be some sort of response to what Move has been doing, but going to their level in retaliation does not make sense.

This is not the only example that MAF has that I have not agreed with. Their protest to have the art removed in the public building, and their protest at the effigy made us conservatives look like pathetic warmongers, and bible thumpers. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting the war on terror to protect our country and the world community from people who would like to do nothing more than kill each and every one of us. And there certainly is nothing wrong with evangelizing the Word. We need to do this in mature way, not a way that makes us look like kindergartners, or a Davis City Council Meeting!

Joe believes that Eric is staying silent on these issues. I don’t know how he can say this when Eric sits in front of a microphone that reaches a large number of people, and one that is gradually taking listeners from the other call letters in town, and talks about the issues everyday.

Joe I ask that you reread your email, and address some of your own concerns with some honesty. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that MAF has a place in this party. And I acknowledge that you are doing something, but we need to stop looking like the “Stupid Party.” I am not saying nor have I heard Eric Hogue call Move America Forward an Evil organization, I just think some unemotional thought needs to given before moving forward with any retaliations.

How interesting behavior from MAF, wouldn't you say?