Don't Put Anything Down on the Table

Dr. Ray Pritchard

9:59 PM We are proceeding with our plans to switch to new email addresses, to complete the makeover for the weekly sermon email, and to start a brand-new weblog. You can see the bare beginnings of the new website at We should have our new email addresses working in a day or so, and the rest will follow in a couple of weeks.


9:55 PM Several people have asked me today, "So how are you doing?" That's the sort of multi-level question you get when you are ending on chapter and starting another one. Mostly we are packing because two weeks from tonight, we'll be in Tupelo, Mississippi. A friend warned us several months ago that transitions are exhausting. That's always true, but I don't remember the move from Texas to Oak Park 17 years ago being this tiring. But I was 17 years younger back then. This morning several friends came to help Marlene pack. I could hear them laughing and chatting as they packed the kitchen for our trip. If anyone comes to visit us, don't put anything down on the table because it will be packed, given away or thrown away.

9:54 PM I had a few semi-profound thoughts earlier today but they have all disappeared. So I will simply say, How 'bout those White Sox? 14-2, that's a good way to start the playoffs.