Friday Night Notes

Dr. Ray Pritchard

6:26 PM Pastor Darin Weil reports that as of last Sunday, the "Calvary 500" now stands at 503. That number represents children, teens and adults trained in evangelism this year as part of the "Church in Many Places" emphasis. I congratulate


6:25 PM Nick arrived with Little Gary, the basset hound puppy he and his housemates at Samford adopted a few days ago. When I picked him up, he immediately started licking my face. He's my kind of dog.

6:23 PM 2063 miles. My first bike ride in Mississippi took me 17 miles along some country roads. I rode through the Shiloh community and ended up at Mantachie. Besides the obvious differences with Chicago, the biggest difference is that these roads are hilly. At one point I was zipping down a hill at 30 mph. I had to stop and catch my breath on that same hill on the way back to the cabin.