Morning Serenade

Dr. Ray Pritchard

8:04 AM Mark sent an email from China asking us to give him a call during the game tonight (Sunday morning on the other side of the world). He isn't able to get a good Internet feed of the game so we'll give him updates.


7:57 AM It's cloudy and chilly in north Mississippi this morning. Overnight a cold front came through, dropping the temps into the mid-50s. I decided to wake up Marlene, Nick and Little Gary so I turned up the sound on my computer as loud as I could and played Let's Go, Go, Go, Go White Sox. Marlene started clapping and pretty soon Little Gary came over wagging his tail. Nick is sort of awake on the couch. Think about it. The World Series starts in less than 12 hour and a Chicago team is playing. in 46 years. It's a great day to be an American. It will be an even better day if Contreras outpitches Clemens.