Why Did This Happen to Me?

Dr. Ray Pritchard

9:40 AM Harvest House has just sent me 500 copies of Why Did This Happen to Me? , subtitled "Finding God's Strength Through Life's Hurts and Heartaches." This is a new title for a book I wrote several years ago called "The God You Can Trust." This eleven chapter book discusses God's faithfulness to the suffering, the sick, the defeated, the fallen, the doubting and the dying. It shows how God is faithful in the midst of the worst life has to offer.

Here's the deal. The publisher sent me 500 copies so that I could give them to victims of Hurricane Katrina. I know there are many teams from all over the country heading to the Gulf Coast region to help in cleanup and rebuilding efforts. But the spiritual needs are in many ways just as great. If you are part of a team ministering to Hurricane Katrina victims, I would be glad to give you free copies of this book. I'm not able to mail copies so you would need to be coming through north Mississippi on your way to the coast. Relief teams could give copies of this book to the people they are working with. If you would like some copies, please send me an email. This is strictly first-come, first-served.

9:39 AM A friend from Chicago ended a recent email with this sentence: "Tell Marlene hello for me, grab your shotgun, and be the king of all you survey."

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