"Daybreak" Sets Bar for New Year's Worship Albums

Brenten Gilbert

Artist:  Charlie Hall
Title:  "Flying Into Daybreak"
Label:  sixstepsrecords

Jesus healed a lot of people during his earthly ministry. The Gospels record several of these times as unique events with different outcomes. No matter what the circumstances, Jesus was able to offer healing and deliverance, but the reaction He received was quite different. One might think that gratitude is the only logical way to respond to what He offered, but that wasn't always the case. In fact, on one such occasion, Jesus exorcised the demons from a man only to have the citizens of a nearby town ask Him to leave. Another time, He healed ten men of leprosy and only one returned to offer Him thanks.

"Flying Into Daybreak," the third installment from Charlie Hall as a solo artist, expresses the overwhelming gratitude of being rescued from our sins. For example, "Song of the Redeemed," puts this right into perspective stating that it is God who has saved us, expressing a desire to share His love with others, and offering endless praise and worship to God for showing us His mercy. Other songs such as "Marvelous Light" and "Running With Your Heart" describe the experience of finding God's love and redemption as coming out of darkness and into the light. The album also focuses heavily on a relationship with God after this moment of redemption. Songs like "Center" and "All My Love" explain the need to turn our lives over to God, submitting to His will and desires, while "Micah 6:8" shows a desire to live a life that's worthy of the calling God has given us.

Musically, the album features a really strong pop soundtrack with some brash rock touches throughout creating an overall sound that appeals to both audiences as well as fans of progressive worship. This should come as no surprise, since Charlie Hall has been at the forefront of the modern worship movement through his involvement with the Passion Network. The album is also very well balanced, providing a number of tender moments on tracks like "All My Love" and "Your Glory Endures Forever" to compensate for the aggressive "Running With Your Heart" and "Song of the Redeemed." The album is full of highlights and greatly encourages listeners to enter into the experience by singing and worshipping along.

Charlie Hall has put together an extremely solid group of songs for this latest project and it's certain to expand his audience. Fans of Jeff Deyo, Newsboys (the "rock" album version), and Chris Tomlin should easily fall into step with the rhythm of this album. "Flying Into Daybreak" wastes no time in setting the bar for the new year's worship albums. Definitely worth checking out and adding to your collection.

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