Author Hopes Book Will Help Debunk "Da Vinci Code"

A Christian writer is trying to educate people about the worldview of the author of a best-selling book that questions foundational truths of Christianity.

In his upcoming book, "The Gospel According to the Da Vinci Code" (Broadman and Holman, 2006), Dr. Kenneth Boa and co-author John Alan Turner address the errors in fiction writer Dan Brown's novel as well as the worldview and motives of his book, an adaptation of which is soon to be released in theaters.

Boa is concerned that far too many people, including many Christians, cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. He believes Dan Brown has a clear agenda with "The Da Vinci Code," and that agenda may well be realized among a widespread audience as his story hits the silver screen.

The novel posits that Jesus Christ did not in fact die on the cross, but instead married and had a family, with descendants surviving into present times. The book "seeks to debunk the whole idea of the deity of Christ," Boa contends. It also attempts to "debunk the canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and effectively seeks to eliminate the idea of what has been accepted as historical orthodoxy," he says.

There are "clear rebuttals" to the notions asserted in "The Da Vinci Code," the Christian author insists, but he says the book nevertheless "has a wide-ranging impact that will also be amplified by the film." The movie version of the book, directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, releases this week and has already sparked widespread interest and debate.

Boa doubts most Christians are equipped to refute the false claims of "The Da Vinci Code." "What I find is that people in the Christian church are often not worldview thinkers," he laments. "They're not able to look at the bigger issues, and they don't question what – sometimes – they read. So they can easily be gullible." For this reason, the co-author of "The Gospel According to the Da Vinci Code" urges Christians to be aware of the agenda behind Brown's best-selling book and upcoming movie and also encourages believers to question everything they read.

Boa's objective in co-authoring the book is to refute the ideas behind Dan Brown's blockbuster novel and the film adapted from its pages. In his nonfiction examination of "The Da Vinci Code" and Brown's other writings, the Christian author hopes to help readers form a clearer picture of the worldview that guides those writings, why that worldview is so alluring, and how Christian believers need to respond.

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