Dalton Reaches for the "Sky" on Debut

Artist:  Dalton
Title:  "Taste the Sky"
Label:   Selectric

Led by brothers Spencer and Preston Dalton, this musical quartet isn’t big and scary enough to pass for the Wild West’s infamous Dalton Gang, which specialized in train and bank robberies during the 19th century. Dalton, nevertheless, displays ample aural firepower throughout "Taste the Sky."

In further contrast to its namesake gunslingers, who originally hailed from Missouri, these boys are Texans. Dalton’s sound may be best described as a harder-edged Delirious, and, like that British band, Dalton reaches for the sky with the sort of grandiose music first popularized by U2 back in the ’80s. And while Dalton’s style is derivative in places, it’s never overly imitative.

The title track, “Taste the Sky,” shows how Dalton is unafraid to offer solid answers to life’s big questions. They sing:  “Take a chance and we will find/ Everything isn’t mystery.” Furthermore, Dalton emboldens listeners to pursue life with gusto – even if they’ve had a rough go of it so far. The empathetic “Life Afraid” contains a string of especially encouraging words:  “Don’t waste your life/ Living life afraid/ Wondering what you’ve made.” Dalton is, however, honestly realistic, which is supported by “Hold Me Now (Summer’s Song).” “Jesus rescue me somehow,” they sing, “for I am so weak.”

The notorious Dalton Gang never would have admitted to weakness. But these modern day Daltons are here to say that sometimes you need to cry if you hope to "Taste the Sky."

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