Apple Butter in Heaven

Dr. Ray Pritchard

I am writing this note from Word of Life Inn in Schroon Lake, New York. Marlene and I have been here since Friday night for the Local Church Ministries Annual Staff Conference. I've spoken twice, Marlene spoke to the ladies, and we did a Q&A together. Later today I speak to the men. After I give my final message tomorrow morning, we're flying to Chicago for three KBM home meetings

This is my 8th and final Word of Life speaking engagement of 2006, and in many ways it's been one of the best. Each venue has its own unique flavor, and this week we've greatly enjoyed being around the area missionaries. They are mostly young, very enthusiastic, eager, very responsive, and as befits youth workers, they are a rowdy bunch. Each sessions begins with some sort of ice breaker that has us all running around the auditorium. Yesterday the whole group (about 130 of us) went to Saratoga for an afternoon and evening of fun. We've enjoyed spending time with Mike and Betsi Calhoun. Tonight we will see Wayne and Ruthie Lewis. Plus we've chatted with many leaders we've met at various WOL events around the country.

During our free time Marlene has been reading China Journal by Eva Price and I've been reading Renovation of the Heartby Dallas Willard.

I got a note from someone asking me if I wish I had brought my coat with me. The answer is yes because last night the temperature dropped to 10 degrees. Right now light snow is falling and the temperature is 29. I don't expect things to be any warmer in Chicago.

Speaking of which, I heard the news that Nita Kirkwood died on Sunday night. We last saw Fred and Nita in May when they came for a breakfast with some of the senior adults from Calvary. It was obvious then that they were both in failing health. Every year at Christmas, Nita gave us a jar of her homemade apple butter, which we enjoyed with hot biscuits. If they have apple butter in heaven, her name is on the jar.

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