"Lo-Fidelity" the Mother Load for 77's Fans

Artist:  The 77’s
Title:  "Lo-Fidelity" (DVD)

The 77’s are not supported by major label dollars these days, so they cannot always play every nook and cranny of our great land. But for you non-metropolis dwellers, this two-DVD set contains almost everything any self-respecting 77’s fan needs to see. For the nostalgic fan of years gone by, it’s simply the mother load.

Disc 1 collects the veteran Sacramento band’s seven produced music videos, which range from a Pat Boone-introduced “A Different Kind of Light,” to an overtly reptilian clip “Snake,” which might even spook the original snake guy, Alice Cooper. The first disc also includes several bonus features highlighted by a behind-the-scenes 1986 Exit Records TV featurette which showcases the 77’s and label mates Charlie Peacock, Vector and Steve Scott.

Disc 2 is all live footage, and chances are, your favorite 77’s’ song is rendered live and in person on it. The group is caught performing five separate times at their original home church, Warehouse Ministries, as well as during a couple of different Cornerstone appearances and more. The best concert footage comes from a “Rock of Love” event in California and features relative obscurities such as “Miserable” and “Come and Gone.” Sort through these two decades of visuals, and you will joyfully re-live The 77’s evolution from the hyperactive new-wave act featured in the promo for “A Different Kind of Light,” to the powerful blues-rock trio they are today.

If there was any justice in this world, these show moments would be drawn from high profile amphitheatre stages, instead of scattered church gigs with varying sound quality. The 77’s paved the way for today’s popular Christian rock acts to feel as at home on the “Warped Tour” as they do in traditional sanctuaries. And this 77’s’ package, featuring almost three hours of footage and extensive liner notes by lead singer Mike Roe, captures our proud pioneers at their best. To purchase this DVD set, go to

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