Gary Chapman - 2

The Second Tuesday
We Talk About Music

This one seems like another easy one. Gary's written and recorded so much music that surely he must have some deep insight into the significance of song.

MS: How is music best used in your life?
GC: Music does indeed soothe the savage beast within me. I listen to a lot of classical music, and instrumental scores of movies that I love. Even movies that I hate. I find many times, after two hours of convincing myself that the popcorn was worth the ticket price, I will in passing pick up a soundtrack and realize that there was something good there all along. I was just so overwhelmed with the horrific script that I didn't see it.
MS: Any specific movie jump out?
GC: The one's I've been listening to recently, I actually really loved the movies. "The Mission" [has an] unbelievable score. Oh...the soundtrack to "Nell." Oh wow, it is so good. Another one that is particularly moving and sentimental to me is the soundtrack to the movie "Country."
MS: I remember having that as an LP. It was a favorite of mine too!

Let's get back to something deep...

MS: Anything else you'd like to say about the use of music?
GC: I can honestly be spiritually moved by an outwardly unspiritual song. Back when I was married there was nothing that made me want to go home and love my wife more than a horrible, sad cheating song. It just kind of makes you want to go, "OK, I don't want to be there." It truly is in the ear of the beholder. There's great insight in places you wouldn't expect it at all.
MS: Doesn't it seem like country music does that more than any Christian music?
GC: No question about it.
MS: That ticks me off.
GC: Yeah, it should. Country music, because it is historically driven by the lyric, many times by a great story, intrigues me more than any modern music that I'm aware of. Christian music gets that way occasionally. But it can get a little formulaic. Is that a word?
MS: Oh yeah. I think you tend to bridge the gap a bit with your music, because the songs tend to have a story-base, with a depth to them that is spiritual and God-based.
GC: Thank you. That was the hope.

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