Hip-Hop's KJ-52 Offers Bible Studies From Debut Songs

by Scott A. Shuford for the Music Channel at

Essential Records' first hip-hop artist KJ-52 has released two detailed Bible studies as companion pieces to his debut recording, 7th Avenue. The studies were written around the songs "Keep Ya Head Up" and "Do What I Do".

According to KJ-52, "KJ is an acronym for Knowledge is Justification because when you come to knowledge of Christ you are justified from your sins (Romans 10:9) and in that we find completion. The 52 part (which is pronounced five-two not fifty-two) is from biblical numerology. It is an equation that that ties into the KJ acronym. In scripture you'll find that five and two can represent grace or provision (hence the 5 loaves and 2 fish that were used to provide food for the masses in the feeding of the 5,000). In that miracle Jesus took the very little that man had and multiplied it to fulfill his will. God took what little I had to offer in myself and multiplied a gift (hip-hop) for his glory. Numerically if you add 5 and 2 you get 7, which is the biblical number of completion and perfection so when we come to Christ (KJ) we are completed (5+2)."

The name KJ-52 came about while this artist was starting the group Sons of Intellect and was seeking to change his old stage name. He was trying to distance himself from some of the old things that were associated with his old rap name.

When asked about what it was like to talk about God when opening for secular bands like WuTang Clan and Vanilla Ice, KJ responds, "Since I felt that God was leading me to do it, I just trusted that He would make a way. Ministering in those environments is not always easy but we've had a good response almost every time we did it. We've seen everything from souls being saved to 300-400 tapes thrown out with gospel tracts tied to them. And while the majority of the ministry is sowing seeds, we found the crowd to be receptive to the gospel message proclaimed from the stage. Not to say there hasn't been opposition either, but the point is that an evangelist goes where the lost are and that is why we do this.

"Ministering in clubs is not for everybody. I think of myself as a Navy Seal. A Navy Seal goes in training for a longer time, he goes behind the enemy lines to knock out the power for a front line soldier to come in and win the battle. In those environments we look to sow seeds that the front line soldiers of the gospel can come and water some day and hopefully see a harvest."

To read or print the Bible studies, click the links below:

Keep Ya Head Up
Do What I Do