Creation Festival Comes to Video

Ever thought about attending the Creation Festival, held in Pennsylvania every year? Or, if you have attended, have you ever wondered just what goes into making the whole event tick? If your answer to either question is yes, then Creation Festival, The Movie is just what you have been looking for. It will give you the whole scoop on Creation -- from set-up to festival finish.

You'll be amazed at everything the gracious folks at Creation go through to put on the festival. And you'll be inspired by their testimonies, humble hearts and love for God. From everyday kids shoveling cow pies, to construction of the stage, to dredging a pond used for baptisms, there is a lot to be done before campers get there - and a lot of prayer involved! Some of the tasks were probably not considered by festival-goers until the debut of this awesome video.

You'll find yourself touched by the messages of the speakers and performers at Creation. With songs and concert footage from dc Talk, Michael W. Smith, the W's, Larry Norman and more, you'll find yourself singing along -- and maybe dancing, too. (I did!) The words are inspirational and the tunes irreplaceable. You'll feel a connection with the audience and the powerful move of the Holy Spirit.

One of the highlights of the movie was the discovery that the crosses that were originally placed near Columbine High School after the shootings there (representing each slain individual) have been moved to the grounds of Creation, after they were not allowed near Columbine. Mighty things are taking place in the kingdom of our Heavenly Father, and both Creation and the testimonies of the martyrs of Columbine are being used in tremendous ways.

This "intriguing look behind the scenes at the nation's largest Christian festival," which is such a motivation and encouragement, would be a fantastic view at any youth group meeting, home or by any individual. So, pick one up today and learn more about the Creation Festival ... and have a ball.

Review by Olivia Johnson

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