Super Bowl Commercials --Bob Dole, Cigarettes and Squirrels?

Matthew Turner
It's Super Bowl Sunday. The national anthem has been sung. Kick-off is only moments away, and I hear the announcer say "We'll be right back." Quick, get to your seat -- the commercials are on!

Am I the only person who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials? Is it wrong to admit this? Oh well, I can't help it if I find more enjoyment in the commercials than I do in the actual game. There have been some classic advertisements that have originated from the million-plus dollars spent on 30 seconds of time during the biggest television event of the year. Some the past's big winners have been Pepsi's Cindy Crawford ad, the Budweiser frogs and the Fred Astaire commercial where he is dancing with the Dirt Devil. They have all made us laugh or wonder how in the world they do that.

This year's game was no exception. There were commercials that made me laugh, blush and perhaps think a little about the way I live life. During the beginning moments of each Super Bowl, the heavy hitters attempt to get a first chance at winning the audience's heart. Companies from Budweiser to Fed-Ex to Pepsi to Visa all spend huge amounts of money to come up with the most clever advertisement. Here is a list of what I thought were the top 10 commercials of this year's Super Bowl.

10. "No Smoking Ads" -- One of them was heartfelt, focusing on children, and the other was intense, focusing on cancer. They made me think and feel the pain that is caused by this addiction.

9. Volkswagon "Car in Tree Ad" -- Volkswagon is always good at coming up with clever and cute ways to advertise their vehicles. Although this commercial was not as original as with past VW ads, it still shined among the best this year.

8. "Matrix Bodyguard" -- This was hilarious. An obvious parody of such films as The Matrix and Crouching Tiger..., this ad is both original and entertaining. The big guy walking slowly up the wall was a classic moment.

7. Budweiser "The What's Up Alien" -- Throughout the evening, Budweiser did parodies of their own commercials. Anytime you can relate to your own company or make fun of yourself, it makes for a great commercial.

6. Budweiser "What are you doing?" -- This was awesome. Funny. Original. Yuppies were in it. I can't say enough about how great this ad is. It made the "What's up?" ad even funnier.

5. Pepsi "The Correctional Facility" -- Pepsi rocked last night. Their ads were funny, clever, and I fell in love with Pepsi all over again.

4. "Dying dotcoms" -- Of course, this commercial was a bit morbid, but proved its point: Invest wisely. When the puppet showed up at the end of the ad, I thought I was going to lose it. This is a great ad.

3. Dorritos "Tennis Court" -- Once again, a classic moment of making fun of your own ad. Everyone fell in love with last year's Frito-Lay commercial because of the beautiful model in the ad. This year, they made me laugh at how ridiculous last year's ad was. Very fun commercial!

2. EDS "Running of the Squirrels" -- I know they did a similiar ad last year, but it was so much fun to see the little squirrels run through the city. I love this ad.

1. Pepsi "Bob Dole" -- What a sense of humor Mr. Dole has. Of course I cringed at the thought of what this ad was going to be about. So much fun. Anyone with enough guts to poke fun at yourself is a very cool guy ... Bob, I would drink a Pepsi with you anytime. Thanks for the laugh.

By Matthew Turner