Letters From People Who Like Me ... or Not So Much

Matthew Turner

I think I know where the odor is coming from.

You see, a friend forwarded your newsletter to me today because he thought it was so bad. Man, was he ever right. Dude, it's unfathomable to me that Crosswalk management lets you pass that off as a newsletter. You're an
editor, right? Where then, pray tell, did you learn to write?

Okay, I realize you're going for a "buddy-buddy" feel, where it's informal, a little irreverent, edgy, etc. Those attributes are debatable, I suppose, but one is not: the thing is shallow. There is no real content, no real
information, NOTHING compelling. Please don't waste people's time with your childish rambling. (And yes, it *is* childish...I mean, geez,'s just
plain tasteless to talk about your odor. Come on.)

Then, you insulted Margaret Becker...and you insulted Stryper...and you kinda insulted Kirk Cameron (by implying that he might *not* be a nice guy)...and you made yourself look like an amateur with your thing about POD. (Dude, I
don't care that you can't get an just don't put that kind of thing in a newsletter to the general public.) You come across like an 8th grader talking with his friends at recess. Seriously.

And the *only* reasons you gave for reading any of your articles is that they're cool and that somebody "had a fun time" and that you're excited about them. But are they going to *say* anything meaningful? I didn't click on a
single link. For instance, what the heck is "Rock the Universe"? Sorry, I have no clue myself...but dang, are you ever EXCITED about going! Whoopee!

And after all of that, you have the gall to wrap up this blather with:

"Praise heals the soul. Have a beautiful weekend ... May the Lord bless each
one of you."

As if that made it all worthwhile and meaningful. You have an opportunity to draw people closer to God. To give them a taste of Jesus. You have a soapbox from which to say meaningful things. And that's all you can do with it?

You said (I quote), "Call me an idiot." Well, that would only add insult to self-inflicted injury, my friend.

Name Not Given