Go Fish -- Infectious

ALBUM: Infectious
IN A PHRASE: Infectious harmonies weaved throughout this album makes it a smooth debut.

The album’s called “Infectious” and that’s exactly what it is. Infectious harmonies rule the song listing on this CD. The voices of Go Fish blend so well and so smooth, it just makes you feel good. You can’t help but to sway back and forth.

I see different capabilities musically and vocally in this group. Sometimes they sound a little like 4HIM, TRUEvibe, or even The Katinas.

A worshipful tone weaves itself throughout the whole album, especially in “I See You” and “You Remind Me”.

The project has a somewhat mellow feel to it except for the title track. It has a little bit of rock capabilities. Not that much since there isn’t a lead vocal, but it’s still “Infectious”.

“My Little Girl” is the most moving track on the album. The heart of God towards His children is portrayed in this lyric as a daddy looking after his little girl.

“Until The Stars Fall” is a passionate call to those who reject the Father’s gift of love until they see the signs that He exists. Go Fish let’s us in on the meaning of their name in this lyric as they call out to those who don’t know the Lord.

My final word…

Overall, InPop Records delivers a solid debut for the newcomers who feel right at home swimming in a very big pond.

Until Next Time…
The J Man