Who Cares About Hype!

J MAN: Everybody's saying it, "This is Greg's career album." Do you think the hype's true?

Greg: (laughs) Who's everybody? I don't know ... People ask you to choose, what's your favorite record, your favorite song ... you can't do it. I can't say that. I'm not a parent, but it's like trying to choose a favorite child. Imagine if someone says, "Choose your favorite kid!" (laughs) Who's gonna do that? Each record, each album has it's own place. I've written more on this record, seven of the 10, more than any other. I've fixed probably a better presentation ... The farther along you go the more your voice as an artist gets heard on a record. So, I think it's probably true ... I'm thankful to my A&R director Brad O'Donnell. He kind of freed up some of the strings, and said "Go for it!"

J MAN: You can't tell me your favorite track, 'cause you don't know!

Greg: (laughs) Well, you have certain tracks that are close to your heart ... But I guess In The Waiting on this record is one of the tracks I really love. It's a look back at what God did for me through one of the dark times in my life. Personal struggles ... I almost lost my dad to a brain tumor and stuff like that ... That song has a deep place in my heart in a very emotional way.

J MAN: So, who is Greg Long? What's the mission behind your music?

Greg: Oh, that's pretty simple. Just to sing about Jesus ... It's the greatest message in all the world ... Jesus is the Man! (laughs) It's like singing songs that have to do with Him, what He's done for me, for the world, the sacrifice ... One of the songs on this record I hope will be a single, The Sacrifice ... I've wanted to write that song for a long time. It's totally about the lengths of God's love, sending Jesus and Jesus giving up His life. It's the greatest sacrifice ever. I just think it's about Jesus ... the focus, hopefully, of my music will be Jesus and His message of salvation.