4HIM -- Chapter One ... A Decade


4HIM: Chapter One ... A Decade
(Benson Records)

One of the first contemporary Christian music groups I ever saw in concert was 4Him. Imagine the Backstreet Boys or ‘N*Sync. Now take away their teen magazine cover appeal, the dance moves and the R&B edge. Add faith-filled lyrics and a sense of patriotism, with allusions to the grandness and awe of life, nature and God, and you’ve got the four-member "man band," 4Him.

Unlike the flashier youth boy bands of today, 4Him has more wisdom, maturity and substance in their everyday lives, and it shows in their music. According to one of their best-known songs, "The Measure of a Man," we shouldn’t judge each other about one’s size, shape, wealth or possessions. The lyrics proclaim that God measures a man by what’s in the heart.

4Him has toured with Jaci Velasquez and Big Tent Revival. Their songs are not overtly preachy, so it’s a surprise they haven’t received more mainstream notice. The Grammy-nominated group does have the chance to change that, and reach new fans as they celebrate more than 10 years of making music with a new disc, Chapter One ... a decade, featuring many of their No. 1 Christian radio hits.

With over 20 hit songs to choose from, compilers chose 15 songs to include on this greatest hits release. Highlights include the patriotic For Future Generations, the semi-country sounding The Basics of Life, and the haunting Sacred Hideaway.