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Crosswalk's Top 10 Most-Read Family Articles of 2016

  • Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk Editorial Staff
  • 2016 29 Dec
Crosswalk's Top 10 Most-Read Family Articles of 2016

It is our great blessing at Crosswalk to provide our readers with articles that will keep God at the center of their households. Through our Family channels, we are able to share information and advice on relationships, marriage, divorce, and parenting children of all ages. Here are our top 10 Family articles of 2016:

10. 5 Signs Your Child is Entitled

Key Quote: “Children who feel in their core that the world owes them (something, everything) for the simple fact that they are… themselves, are suffering from a severe case of entitlement. But, are they really to blame? After all, they’ve spent their childhood being told they are special, they are winners (trophies for everyone!), and that they deserve to be happy. Why wouldn’t they come to the conclusion that everyone they meet exists to meet their whims? If you find yourself realizing that your child is entitled, do them (and the rest of the world) a favor by putting them back in their rightful place. It’s the job only a parent can truly do.”

What YOU Said: “Useful information for raising children, even though I have none, why not learn now. Thank you for sharing.” -Tyrone Blume

9. 7 Ways to Pray When Your Child Goes Astray 

Key Quote: “As we surrender our children to God through prayer, we can trust that they are in His hands and He'll do whatever work He wants to do in them for His glory. We can worry or we can pray. We can stress or we can trust. We can lose sleep by trying to control their every step or we can rest in the One who is already in control of their lives, whether they are acting like it or not.”

What YOU Said: “This was encouraging to me today as I have lost children who are grown. I will follow the advice listed and trust Him for the results. Thank you.” -Pat Hickman

8. 10 Things I Want My Boys to Learn about Living 

Key Quote: “Pursuing God provides a framework for every other piece of advice anyone could give you. Please stay in a continually growing relationship with Christ. No career, no family, no sport, no amusement could ever replace the peace and fulfillment that comes through a mature relationship with Jesus Christ. This doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s not easy. Your relationship with God should be priority number one because it influences all your other priorities.”

What YOU Said: “Thanks for sharing! This is great and godly advice everyone should live by!” -Christine Cheuk

7. Are You Equipping Your Children to Fight Spiritual Battles?

Key Quote: “Our children are in a spiritual battle and it’s our responsibility as their parents to give them all the tools they need to stand victorious against Satan and his insidious attacks. The Bible tells us that the enemy, ‘prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.’ From the moment our children take their first breath, Satan has his eye on them. He’s already begun his attack because he’s absolutely terrified of who they’ll become, should they follow, wholeheartedly, the call God has placed on their lives. Satan’s first line of attack is to keep our children separated from God.”

What YOU Said: “I sure wish my parents had known to do this when I was little! It affected my childhood and growing up SO MUCH. Who knows what my life would have been like if I had known! When I got older and finally told my mom, she knew exactly what I was talking about! Spiritual warfare is real, and I believe some people are just extra sensitive to it.” -Juliet Jones

6. 5 Areas of Your Child’s Life to Pray against Satanic Attack

Key Quote: “And while we’re all targets for the enemy’s schemes, Satan is smart enough to recognize that attacks on our kids are especially powerful. He understands that if he can grab their hearts and establish false teachings in their mind from the earliest age, all he has to do is sit back and watch the dominos fall.”

What YOU Said: “Truth! WE have to protect our children with God's Word, and the blood of Jesus!!” -Purplelinda Melinda Hawkins Mitchell

5. 5 Types of Women That Make Bad Wives

Key Quote: “Anything that hurts a marriage partner hurts the marriage. Period. Does this mean a wife should be at her husband’s beck and call, ready to fulfill every desire? Absolutely not! It does mean, though, that she genuinely cares about her partner’s feelings and wants to meet his needs when she can.”

What YOU Said: “If you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, marriage is still hard work, and it is still possible to fail. But by following the advice of the scriptures we can have a better chance at success. Men love to point out the verse ‘Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands’ but men, you must read further to see what is required of you. Have you loved your wife as Christ loved the church? He died for it! We as husbands need to die to ourselves. AND love our wives at least as much as we love ourselves... If we at least live out our marriage vows, it can be wonderful!” -James Dawn Schwalbach

4. 5 Things You’re Not Doing for Your Husband (and Should Be)

Key Quote: “There are many needs that men have. Some are unique based on their personality, experiences and love needs while others are universal. Give him sex and respect; pray for him and encourage his friendships. Create space for hobbies you both enjoy, and then get away and make time for your own friends and pursuits. None of these ideas are new... but they will require your intentional effort. If you’re wondering if he is worth it, the answer is yes— every time.”

What YOU Said: “Good article, been married for 20 hard years but I realize my mistakes and I believe he realizes his. I'm grateful we're still together and growing every day!” -Ronell Johnson Smith

3. 5 Things You’re Not Doing for Your Wife (and Should Be)

Key Quote: “If you aren’t praying for your wife, then who is? As the husband, we can’t leave praying for our wives up to anyone else, because it most likely won’t happen. We are called to love, cherish and protect our wives and praying for them is one of the greatest ways to do that.”

What YOU Said: “I join many of you on this post in saying that my husband makes me feel loved and special everyday. In fact, there are 3 of us in our marriage. We are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit with us 24/7.” -Laura Aley Taylor

2. 10 Lies the World Tells You about Marriage

Key Quote: “Marriage takes two people, fully committed, choosing every day, to love and cherish. 50/50 will never be enough to see you through the toughest times. It’s only half effort and it seeks to compare what we’re doing with the other, always needing to check to see if they’re keeping up with expectations. This isn’t what God intends. His plan is covenant relationship, centered in Christ, loving through Christ; that is what will carry us through both good times and bad. It will take full effort of 100/100 to have a strong relationship which will thrive over time.”

What YOU Said: “So true!! You have to be committed and really love your spouse. When you have problems, you have to communicate and work them out. God has to be number one in your life. You really can't have the capacity to love someone the way God intended until you have the love of God and love for God in your heart. He then gives you an unbreakable love for your spouse… I've been married to my first and only husband for 38 years. We have a wonderful marriage. It took a lot of work to get where it is today but I'm so thankful God put us together. He is a true man of God.” -Donna Rainwater Gause

1. 5 Ways You are Teaching Your Kids to be Entitled

Key Quote: “There’s a fine line between making our kids feel special and making our kids feel spoiled. If every event is special, soon no event is special. Special becomes ordinary. Parents spend time, energy and money trying to top the last party, the last gift, or the last event. It’s a crazy maker for parents and an entitlement maker for kids.”

What YOU Said: “Amen! As a teacher I am seeing more and more kids who don't follow what used to be common courtesy. It scares me for our future! We're trying hard at our house to not create entitlement. It creeps in here or there though.” -Alison Taggart Routt


Publication date: December 29, 2016