Practical Help for the Spiritually Stuck

Jim Daly

Do you ever feel spiritually stuck?

If so, you’re not alone. Research suggests that 80 percent of North American Christians spend three to four months of the year feeling disconnected from God. As a result, they might become frustrated with the church and they might stop growing in their faith.

If we’re being honest, we’d admit that this spiritual malaise can be an easy place to get to. We’re so easily distracted and overwhelmed by our technological gadgets and our busy lives that it’s all too easy to stop reading the Bible.

We have Scripture on our phone, online and in about a dozen different Bibles around the house… and yet, we don’t engage it. In fact, research shows us that only about 40 percent of Christian adults read the Bible on a regular basis. The stats for teens are even more dire: Only about 25 percent of young believers read the Word with regularly.

Today on the broadcast, we have two guests who will give you encouragement and practical ways to get you – and your family – back into Bible reading. They’ve learned that that is the first step to getting over the spiritual dissatisfaction that’s holding your family back.

Dr. Arnie Cole and Michael Ross, are from Back to the Bible, a nonprofit ministry that helps lead people back into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. These men aren’t just experts on the topic because of what they do for a living – they’ve seen the results in their own lives.

During the two-part broadcast, “Helping Your Family Thrive Spiritually,” both men share their stories. Dr. Cole, who had grown up in a home with a solid faith, came to eventually hate Christianity. But God used a terrifying medical diagnosis and a harrowing near-death experience to bring Dr. Cole back to the faith.

Ross, on the other hand, had a difficult childhood and an alcoholic father.  After he became a Christian, he fell into a spiritual dryness as a result of being too busy ministering to others. He shares his story of how God eventually brought him through.

Today’s is a broadcast all of us who are busy – parents, workers, students – would be wise to hear. After all, there’s something deep inside of us that tells us God wants more for us than this feeling of spiritual unrest.

Today’s conversation is one that will help you move closer to Jesus.

You can listen online, on the radio or via our free app. I hope you do.

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