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Everett Piper

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Dr. Piper is the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Associated with Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint and Centurions programs, Dr. Piper is the author of "Why I am a 'Liberal' and Other Conservative Ideas" He has also authored "The Wrong Side of the Door: Why Ideas Matter. Piper is a frequent speaker on Christian education, Biblical worldview, and applied apologetics in both regional and national venues. For more information go to or go to .
Deception and Deviancy

Is this uptick in our perception of our country’s moral health merely evidence that we have dumbed down deviancy to the point where we don’t even know what is right and wrong any more?

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Who would have thought -- Co-ed dorms actually lead to more students having sex?

Frogs in the Kettle

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned that our nation was in danger of “defining deviancy down” and becoming desensitized to “alarming levels” of aberrant behavior. Isn’t it sadly ironic that Anthony Weiner, the congressman from the late Senator’s own state of New York, now serves as the poster-child for Moynihan's warning?

Investigating Ethics?

Do we really need an "investigation" to decide if twittering lewd photos of yourself to unsuspecting coeds is unethical?

Orwell's Glossary

Our government officials have finally made it a lot easier for the poorly educated, such as you and me, to expand our vocabularies and thereby understand the wisdom of those we have elected. Here is a glossary of terms, just produced, for our convenience.

Is Everest Real?

If I told you that Mount Everest doesn’t exist and that it’s just a fairy tale, what would you say? If I said, “I know it’s not real because I’ve never been there and neither have you,” how would you respond? How would you “prove” that the world’s tallest mountain actually does exist?


Either Jesus was right, or He was wrong. Either He was telling the truth or He was lying. We can’t have it both ways.

Freedom for Fido

Professor Andrew Linzey, director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, says we shouldn’t use the word “pet” anymore to describe our dogs because the phrase is demeaning to them.

Sins of Omission or Commission

The evidence of respect for the Bible and for Christianity is so pervasive in our nation’s history that any denial thereof seems at best to be a sin of omission and sadly ignorant, or at worst a sin of commission and strategically dishonest.

I Have A Dream...

I dream of a day when our leaders will say that they were wrong, that they lied to us, and that they are ashamed. I dream that they will ask for forgiveness from the people they harmed and from the God they ignored.

In God We Trust

I can’t for the life of me understand why our president would forget our nation’s motto or why he would conflate the virtues of America with the vices of Indonesia but perhaps he would do well to pick up the nearest dollar bill and remind himself that the inscription on it does not say “out of many, one” but rather we trust in the only One who gives freedom to the many.

Liberty and Liberal Arts

If truth sets us free then disavowing it (i.e., lying) likely brings bondage. Unfortunately, many of us seem blind to the fact that our kids are getting an education that enslaves them to, rather than liberates them from, such lies.

Half a Baby

Are we willing to let the king cut the baby in half or do we step forward and cry “no”?

Honest Questions and Truthful Answers

Do you really want answers or are you more interested in what C.S. Lewis called the “modern and successful”?


Do we want to learn or do we hope to lecture? Are we willing to work to find answers even at the possibility of being wrong or are we too easily satisfied and, thus, resting passively in our own personal ideologies or political agendas?

Why I'm a Liberal

As Martin Luther King, Jr. told us in his letter from the Birmingham jail, our strongest justification for the ongoing struggle for freedom, liberation, and liberty is the conservation of the immutable virtues given to us by the laws of nature and nature’s God. Without such conservative ideas I’m not sure anyone can truly call themselves a liberal.

Love and Legislation

The argument that you can’t legislate morality is frankly a bit empty, for all legislation assumes some common moral standard. Otherwise, the entire process would be as meaningless.

It's a Lie

If your argument distracts from the truth rather than shine a light on it we should call it what it is—a lie.

Just Be Quiet

Someone recently challenged me, “You speak about almost every other sin, so why don’t you confront Christians on the one they seem to enjoy the most—gossip?”

Children of God and not a King

Did you know that, as early as the first days of the American Revolution, the story of Moses provided the justification for the very existence of the United States?

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