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Our goals at are to encourage and challenge you, to help you worship and help you think, to give you practical application of Scripture as well as positive shared testimonies and honest struggles. We strive to provide timely information on everything from Marriage, Parenting and Family issues, to Bible Study, Prayer, Spiritual Growth and Devotionals, to current events and a Christian look at popular culture, always within an overarching framework of evangelical Christian orthodoxy.

You should not expect to agree with everything you read on; Christians often disagree on how to apply the principles of the Bible to the issues we face today. But you can expect to encounter biblical teaching, discussion of the latest trending topics, vibrant video, and a wealth of information meaningful to the Christian life with an emphasis on building community and preserving Christian fellowship.

Our Editorial Team

Stephen McGarvey, Publisher

Shawn McEvoy, Editorial Director

Shawn came to Salem Web Network in 2005 as a site manager for and is now SWN's Director of Editorial, overseeing,, and more. He has degrees in English and Writing from Oklahoma Baptist University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Shawn is also the former co-host of Crosswalk's Video Movie Reviews and has contributed hundreds of devotionals and articles to the sites over the years.

Liz Auld, Senior Editor

Liz has worked at Salem Web Network since 2013; she strategically edits and writes content across the editorial sites, with a focus on SEO. She has a B.A. in Religious Studies and has taken post-graduate classes in Theology and Global Studies. She enjoys reading classic works, books on theology, and fantasy literature (like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien), as well as biographies and historical pieces. She also finds joy in traveling and hopes to see many more places with her husband, family, and friends.

Lia Martin, Faith Editor

Lia has a B.S. in Mass Communications and loves her job as Faith Editor at, sharing writers’ true stories and deep dives into the Word and its works in the world. She celebrates seeing God in wildflowers, hiking, poetry, and her kids. Her book, Wisdom at Wit’s End explores how to simplify the pressures of parenting-to-perfection and to let God lead instead.

Kelly-Jayne McGlynn, Family Editor

Kelly-Jayne loves her role as Family Editor for Crosswalk. She sees the act of expression, whether through writing or art, as a way to co-create with God and experience him deeper. Check out her handmade earring Instagram and  Etsy for more of her thoughts on connecting with God through creative endeavors.

Kayla Koslosky, Editor

Kayla has been the Editor of since 2018. She has B.A. degrees in English and History and previously wrote for and was the managing editor of the Yellow Jacket newspaper. She has written on her blog since 2012 and has also contributed to and

Sarah Martin, Editor

Sarah has been the editor for iBelieve since 2019; she has previously edited and written for her alma mater, Christopher Newport University’s newspaper, and for various ministry organizations. She has a B.A. degree in English and Writing and enjoys a good dive into British literature along with a strong cup of black tea.

Bethany Pyle, Editor

Bethany is the editor for and the design editor for She has a background in journalism and a degree in English from Christopher Newport University. When not editing for Salem, she enjoys good fiction and better coffee.

Molly Law, Editor

Molly is the Editor of She has an M.A. in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling UK, where she studied and lived for a year in Scotland. She has a B.A. in English Professional Writing from Gardner-Webb University. Her editorial career includes Senior Editor of a bimonthly magazine for the American Correctional Association, Editorial Assistant at Luath Press in Edinburgh, and Freelance Journalist for the News Virginian. She enjoys reading 18th-century British Literature, creative writing, and traveling.

Kelly Givens, Podcast Manager

Kelly has been working at Salem Web Network since 2012 and has been the podcast manager of LifeAudio since 2019. She has a B.S. in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University, as well as a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. When she's not producing podcasts, Kelly loves digging in her garden, reading good books, and taking long walks with her family.

Frequent Contributors 

Meg Bucher, Jason Soroski, Debbie McDaniel, Joel Ryan, Cally Logan, Jessica Brodie, Jennifer Slattery, Amanda Idleman, Kristi Woods, Jennifer Greenberg, Catherine Segars, Jennifer Heeren, Cindi McMenamin, Hope Bolinger, Brent Rinehart, Jennifer Waddle, Blair Parke, and many others. 

Crosswalk’s Topical Experts

Articles published on are vetted by our editorial team and supported by accomplished contributors across a range of topics to ensure that our readers are getting expert-backed information they can trust. Here are some of our topical experts divided into popular categories. 

Mental Health
Timothy R. Jennings (MD, DFAPA), Lisa Murray (LPC), Meg Gemelli (LPC), Allison Auld (Clinical Counselor) 

Theology/Pastoral Leadership
Michael A. Milton (PhD), Roger Barrier (PhD), Joe McKeever (PhD), Dale Chamberlain (M.Div), Aaron Berry (M.Div)

Bible Study / Christian Living
Jason Soroski, Meg Bucher, Jessica Brodie, Homer Purdy, Stephanie Englehart

Prayer / Encouragement
Debbie McDaniel, Rebecca Barlow Jordan, Sue Schlesman, Heather Riggleman, Cally Logan

Marriage / Parenting
Meg Gemelli (LPC), Lisa Murray (LPC), Jennifer Waddle, Cindi McMenamin, Amanda Idleman, Janet Perez Eckles, May Patterson, Rhonda Stoppe, and Michelle Lazurek Editorial Policies

Accuracy content is thoroughly edited and checked for accuracy, but we note that some topics are prone to different interpretations and opinions. Our authors include sources for their content wherever applicable. 

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