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Jim Daly

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Jim Daly is president of Focus on the Family and host of its National Radio Hall of Fame-honored daily broadcast, heard by more than 2.9 million listeners a week on more than 1,000 radio stations across the U.S. He is husband to Jean and father to Trent and Troy. Jim's Focus on the Family Blog
How to Mourn with the Parents of Stillborn and Miscarried Children

The Gospel Coalition blog recently ran a vulnerably written post where a father described what he and his wife experienced when they lost their child in the womb.

VIDEO: This Well-Known Christian Couple Almost Divorced Until…

Dr. Greg Smalley, son of popular author and speaker Dr. Gary Smalley, serves as Focus’ Vice President of Family Ministries. Greg’s office is just steps from mine, and I enjoy our regular interactions. Not only is he a marriage expert and popular author with a doctorate in psychology, but he also has a great sense of humor. He’s a fun guy to be around. Greg and his wife, Erin, have been married for 21 years and have four children.

5 Things to Look for in a Pastor

October is Clergy Appreciation Month, a time when Christians are encouraged to express gratitude to their pastors, ministers and leaders.

A Father’s Final Act of Love

Over the past few days I’ve found my thoughts turning often toward 13-year-old Gracie Johnson, the sole survivor of a freak Colorado rockslide that claimed the lives of her parents, sister, and two other relatives while hiking this past Monday in Buena Vista.

Remembering Pastor Chuck Smith

By the time I accepted Christ in high school, the "hippie" movement was in full swing, as was the "Jesus movement" - a dynamic uprising of young Christians whose style and manner of worship was pretty unconventional, at least compared with that of the prior generation.

"Focus Findings" is Where Research Meets Common Sense

We’ve probably all been there – we’re scanning a news article online or watching a story on a magazine news show and we see something that just stops us cold. It’s a declaration presented in fact, and even backed up by “research” that you know is at odds with what Scripture teaches.

VIDEO: What Are You Known For?

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and tell a story via video that will be shown at this year’s Catalyst conference in Atlanta, Ga.

How “Grace Unplugged” Director Brad Silverman Engages the Culture

One of my passions is to encourage believers to engage the culture with a Christ-like spirit. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you can bless the people around you when you’re open to letting God use you in your sphere of influence.

Are American Christians Ignoring the Mayhem of the Middle East?

Our 24/7 news cycle is consumed these days with American politicians sparring over the debt ceiling and the implementation of President Obama's controversial healthcare plan, both important debates to be sure. Meanwhile, the tragic fact that followers of Jesus Christ are being targeted and slaughtered across the globe is given scant attention.

Meet Focus on the Family’s V.I.P. Guest

Here at Focus, we’ve been privileged to welcome many influential people for visits. Some are well-known Christian leaders and others are from the entertainment and sports worlds. We’ve hosted politicians and even public figures who passionately disagree with some of what we believe. Whoever it has been, we’ve been delighted to meet and host them on our campus.

Fetal Pain Opens Eyes to Preborn Humanity

Thanks to advances in technology, including both two-dimension and four-dimension ultrasounds, and advanced medical understanding on topics like fetal pain, the medical profession is increasingly seeing a developing baby for what she or he is — a real person, not simply a blob of tissue and cells.

5 Ways to Sabotage Your Marriage Before It Starts

Most people don’t get married planning to divorce, but much of what they do before they wed sadly leads them to that place.

One Reason Acts of Kindness Go Viral

Even the casual observer will acknowledge there's an overabundance of sarcasm and biting attitudes throughout the culture today. Horrifying violence and evil are regularly depicted on the news and throughout social media. And in case you haven’t noticed, a growing number of people are cynical of societal institutions.

A Unique Way to Encourage Your Children

If you listened to today’s broadcast on the importance of parents encouraging their kids, you may have heard me mention that I keep journals for my boys, Trent and Troy. Since it’s a bit of a passing comment within the broadcast, I want to expand on that remark here in my blog and share with you what my journaling looks like and what motivated me to start.

VIDEO: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

We get their calls and emails all the time: people who are going through the unthinkable and reach out to us hoping for hope. It’s never easy to understand why these men and women – often through no fault of their own – are hurting so badly. And, indeed, it’s an age-old question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

6 Ways to Know Your Adult Child is Maturing Well

We receive hundreds of thousands of inquiries every year from people seeking relationship and family advice – and among the top topics are moms and dads asking about their adult children.

The 3 Things Comedian Jim Gaffigan Can Teach Us About Engaging the Culture

“Hot Pocket.” To many folks, those two words bring to mind a stand-up comedian more than a frozen food. If that isn’t the case with you, allow me to introduce Jim Gaffigan, a funny man who can serve as an example of wise cultural engagement.

This Obituary Will Make You Smile

There’s something beautiful about a life well-lived. When someone consistently lives out their values in a million (sometimes quiet) ways, others notice – and are blessed by the legacy.

VIDEO: The 2 Questions We Should Ask Before War

The situation in Syria is dominating our evening and online news outlets. It can be challenging to think through what type of response, if any, the United States should take in response.

VIDEO: “Will You Spin Me, Daddy?”

Like most young ladies anticipating their wedding day, Rachel Wolf had looked forward to her father/daughter dance since she was a little girl. Recently, that long-awaited dream came true for her.

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