Do 'minors' have a right to privacy? (What about their bedroom?)

What about the Internet; are we now seeing conservative parents endorsing 'minors' right for total privacy when they are on the public library computers, and the public school computers?

How much of a 'right of truancy do 'minors' have in this country?

If we have a law that states that 'minors' are to be in school, during school hours - why is it wrong for them to be approached by a policeman, and asked about their business at the mall at 1PM in the afternoon?

Are we teaching them that they shouldn't speak, or answer the questions of a policeman, or police woman? Is this a conservative value, to teach our children to 'fear' law enforcement?

On the argument that this would place the burden of proof upon the 'minor', isn't that the point? If a policeman sees a very young driver behind the wheel of a car, should the policeman have the ability to pull that car over and ask the age of the driver? Don't we do that everyday in public when it refers to beer, movie ratings and tobacco purchases?

When the parents say, "well, there is no proof that these daytime curfews curb behavior, or prevent juvenile crimes." I respond with common sense...with all of the "immediate" violence, drug and sexual related abductions, not to mention the 'peer pressure' manipulation...why is it wrong for parents - and kids - to have more eyes on the streets, taking a second, and third look at 13 year-old Sally at the mall?

What are we afraid of folks? Is it really the kid's rights that we are debating here? Maybe we should go back to treating our children as - well, children. Maybe we should be their parents, versus their friends. It might be good for them to respect those who are in law enforcement, and to face a little 'fear' of questioning from time-to-time.

Sure is a lot better than ignoring the growth of truancy because our little 'rock stars' might have to be treated like American 'minor' citizens, who are still accountable to their parents - if not, then they are still 'minors' in our society, accountable to law enforcement.