The disrespect paid toward our country inside of the American classroom continues to grow to epidemic levels.

This week my daughter told me that one of her teachers (High School, freshman) is refusing to stand for the morning "Pledge of Allegiance". We talked about it over lunch the other day. I instructed her to 'respectfully' approach her teacher after class and ask him why it is that he sits at his desk at the front of the class each morning during the Pledge.

My oldest has many of my traits, so guts in the face of controversy finds its roots in her DNA code as well, she did just what I asked - and respectfully so. The teacher told her that he chooses to not stand because of his dislike of our government. He informed her that he is protesting the Pledge, our government and the country. She said thanks for the reply, and she walked out of the classroom.

After some research I found that the desired protocol of the students and faculty for the 'Pledge of Allegiance' each morning is to stand, you don't have to recite the Pledge, you don't have to place your hand over your heart and act like you care about this country or the Pledge, but you must stand. This teacher is in obvious violation of school board standards, and is asking for the attention that may soon come his way.

Upon discussing this event on my show Tuesday morning, an elderly caller offered this vignette; her husband died in WWII (I'm assuming her first husband), He was fighting in the Pacific. Story goes when they found him dead he was clenching the American Flag. The elderly woman, through her tears and trembling voice, stated, "now in my own country's backyard we have teachers who disrespect not only our flag, but our entire country...what a disgrace"

Yes, it is a disgrace...teachers who have no problem take our children and using our tax dollars set aside for education as indoctrination stations of hate and vile disrespect, while cashing their government paycheck and enjoying their negotiated tenure of security. If only we could negotiate with OBL and the terrorists this we think they would offer us, the great infidel, lifetime tenure like the teachers enjoy?