A guest on my radio and TV shows--Ray Comfort--is drawing a lot of fire for daring to compare the murder of 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis during World War 2 to the slaughter of 55 million children in America alone since Roe v. Wade became law back in 1973. Remember: these are REPORTED abortions. IMAGINE the true scope of this horror, on both a national and global scale. At Yad Vashem, the memorial and museum in Jerusalem, there is a place in the garden where the names of Jewish children lost in the Holocaust are quietly spoken, as their photos are projected on the wall. It’s a heart-wrenching experience to walk through that place, but that’s what Yad Vashem is all about. The words come from the prophet Isaiah, who said of those faithful Jews who died without a grave and a memorial, "I will give them in My house and in My walls a 'Yad vaShem' [a place and a name], better than sons and daughters; an everlasting name I will give them, which will not be discontinued." Imagine if every aborted baby had a place and a name. Would we better understand the sheer enormity of the loss we’ve suffered as a nation? Deuteronomy 30 reminds us of God’s challenge to choose life, so that you and your children may live. There is one major political party that has committed to never remove the abortion plank from its platform. So let’s pledge to choose life in every circumstance … including the day we enter the voting booth to choose our leaders.