• Make a donation to a cause that their loved one cared about, then send a note to tell your friend what was done in their memory.

• Place flowers at the front of the church in their loved ones memory.

• Encourage other friends to mail notes throughout the Christmas season.

• Be available.

God entered the world that first Christmas to carry a burden we could not carry ourselves. What a wonderful season to do the same for others.

For ideas to help your family focus on the meaning of Christmas, check out Redeeming the Season (Focus on the Family and Tyndale House). Copyright 2004 by Kim Wier and Pam McCune. Pick up a copy online or at your local bookstore for more in-depth information and ideas on celebrating this unique and spiritual holiday.

Kim Wier is the director of Engaging Women, a ministry of women encouraging women through speaking, writing and broadcasting. The author of four books, an award winning humor columnist and radio talk show host, Kim regularly speaks to audiences around the country with depth and humor that focuses on discovering God in the everyday experiences of life. For more visit www.engagingwomen.com.