Artist:   Grits
Label:   Gotee Records

The bar has just been raised for hip-hop, and who better to elevate it than Nashville-based duo Grits

On their fourth career album, seasoned rappers Coffee and Bonafide dish out heady rhymes and transcend standard hip-hop by fusing funk, rock and vintage R&B.  Well-executed cameos from tobyMac, Knowdaverbs, Jennifer Knapp, and others augment the already stout recording.

From the get-go, Grits lays down irresistible bass-heavy rhythms, tight hooks and fresh narrative.  Eschewing predictable subject matter such as drugs and thugs, the twosome boldly confronts issues like the degradation of women (“Video Girl”) and the shallow nature of mainstream rap (“Seriously”). 

Elsewhere, spiritually grounded tracks like the hypnotic “Believe” and conga-splashed “Ooh Ahh” affirm the duo’s commitment to make a positive mark on the culture.

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