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The most common misconception about God, is a faulty linguistic argument that says Allah and Jehovah are the same god because they both mean, in their languages, deity.  Instead, says Caner, it’s not a linguistic argument; it should be a theological argument.


“As a Muslim growing up in the Suni faith, I understood Allah to be holy transcendent. I understood that Allah did not have any partners. When Peter said “You are the Christ, the son of the Living God’ – that’s known in Islam as shierk – the equivalent of unforgiveable sin. Islam does not believe that Jesus died on the cross; Islam does not believe in the Trinity – it calls the thing most blasphemous in Chap 19, v88 of the Koran.


The idea of God is bitterly divided and the understanding of truth can be one or the other and not both. We have to come to the understanding that there is only one God and He defines Himself – you can accept that definition or reject that definition – therefore it’s a matter of revelation.


Do we believe that revelation is the Scripture – the Bible – or do we believe that the revelation came through what Muslims call the final prophet of Mohammed in the Koran?


JC:  Can you talk about your conversion?


EC:  Well what was most instrumental beyond humanly speaking the awesome sovereignty and providence of God is a persistent, obnoxious youth who wouldn’t give up on Jesus with us.  That’s what was most notable.  He invited us to every revival, fifth quarter rally, lock-in, you name it, he wanted us to be there.  We walked into the Stells Road Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio.  The two things he was speaking that was necessary to be there to draw us to cross worry was a bold preacher, one who has unashamedly preached the Word of God word for word, verse for verse by verse.  Stipulated and told us without any hesitation we needed Jesus not as a prophet, but as prophet priesting king, as the Savior of mankind, the Redeemer of the world.  And he made no ifs ands or buts about it.  He was kind, he was compassionate, but he was confrontational and that’s what was necessary for us to come, you know it’s a reminder Jesus didn’t come to be a good Savior, a better Savior, a best Savior.  He came to be the only Savior that mankind would ever have.


The other thing that was necessary was an unconditionally loving congregation.  Boy the people just loved us across, so you can imagine three boys all of whom were now saved, my two old brothers and myself hawking into a southern Baptist church in the north.  It was quite an awkward moment.  And we weren’t that much to look at.  We were all scrawny, little Muslim kids that were in our awkward teenage years who grew up not even speaking English as a first language.  Fairly poor from the wring side of the tracks and the church just lovingly welcomed us in, treated us as family and drew us to the cross.