* Explain how betting on God makes sense. Recognize that if you bet that God exists and you’re right, the payoff is enormously rewarding – eternal life with Him. Then consider what would happen if you bet that God exists, but He isn’t there – you would simply have lived a good life filled with peace. But realize that if you bet against God, the downside risk is enormous – you could spend eternity in torment, apart from Him. Discuss how it makes the most sense to choose belief in God, especially in face of all the evidence in His favor.

Adapted from Prove It!: Answering Life’s Most Important Question, copyright 2006 by Frank Harber.  Published by B & H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tn., www.BHPublishinggroup.com.
Formerly an atheist, Frank Harber converted to Christ after doing an historical investigation meant to disprove Christianity. He serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Colleyville, Tx., and earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Tx. Since he came to faith, he has evangelized more than 2 million people worldwide. He also hosts the radio program
The Real Life. He and his wife, Becky, live in Fort Worth, Tx., and are the parents of twins.