Editor’s Note: Does God care about what we eat? Should Christians be healthier than the rest of the world? While some would scoff at such a notion, Dr. Jordan Rubin believes Jesus rules all parts of our lives. Since his book, The Maker’s Diet, is a runaway bestseller, we thought we should ask Rubin to explain the underlying biblical principles. Oh, and you might just pick up a few ideas for your grocery list.


It’s a new year, which means that Americans from Connecticut to California are embarking on new diets to try to shed some extra pounds. Given that we as a people spend billions of dollars each year on diet books, supplements and assorted other products meant to slim the waistline, it may seem that the last thing we need is yet another book about dieting.


The Maker's Diet, however, is far from your typical dieting book. For starters, the New York Times bestseller, which has now sold over half a million copies, isn’t really a “dieting” book at all: it is a lifestyle change book. And unlike all the new-fangled fad diets that hit bookshelves each year, The Maker's Diet is a fascinating read based on principles of eating that are thousands of years old—principles mainly found in the Bible, according to Dr. Jordan Rubin, the book’s author. (The book has received an endorsement from no less than Dr. Charles Stanley, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta.) 


Rubin has about as dramatic a story as you’re likely to ever hear. He almost died at age 19 after being diagnosed with (among other maladies) incipient diabetes, jaundice, chronic fatigue, arthritis, leukocytosis and severe Crohn’s disease. His weight dropped to a precarious 104 pounds, and despite seeing over 70 doctors from Europe to Mexico, South America to Canada, Rubin wasn’t able to regain vital health until a few years later when he made a drastic lifestyle change that incorporated The Maker's Diet principles.


Following The Maker's Diet involves significant lifestyle change, including eating unprocessed, natural and organic foods. Many of them sound foreign to the typical American ear; words like kefir, hijiki, and tahini aren’t part of the vernacular in this country. But for those interested in knowing more about Rubin’s journey from misery to an abundant life, The Maker's Diet will likely prove an engrossing, motivating read.


Dr. Rubin recently spoke with Crosswalk.com about this atypical diet and lifestyle plan, and how Scripture serves as a guide. A portion of the conversation appears below.


MC: When you meet a stranger, say, on an airplane, how do you describe for them what The Maker’s Diet is?


Rubin: The subtitle of the book is ‘The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever.’ The Maker’s Diet is a health plan that covers physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, based on the Bible, proven through history and confirmed by science.

MC: How do you respond when people express skepticism to you about whether the Bible really has much to say about diet and eating habits?


Rubin: This is one area of our lives that as believers, we have taken from God. People don’t like to hear that, but in reality, we operate with the idea that God controls our mind but we control our body.