I looked into his eyes and told him soberly, "Son, remember this: It's always the darkest just before it goes totally black!"

As we laughed, Greg shot back, "Thanks a lot for your encouragement, Dad!"

Just as Greg found himself in a crisis that drained away much of his energy, so any of us can experience a crisis at any time. If the crisis occurs in one of the most important area of our lives, such as our job, marriage, children, friends, or our spiritual side, we can suffer massive loss of emotional and mental energy. But Greg was already doing something that allowed him to recover quickly from his crisis and regain his strength and the ability to move forward.

Fortunately, there's a way to overcome a crisis and regain equilibrium quickly. It worked for Greg, and it can work for you. Let me explain. Greg experienced a crisis in the career area of his life. For the moment, the failure drained him, frustrated him, caused him pain, and dragged him down, but in four other major areas of his life, he was doing well. As a husband, his marriage was solid and fulfilling. As a father, he had a great relationship with his child. Spiritually, he felt he was on good terms with God. As a friend, he had several buddies who would stand by him no matter what. Because these other important areas of his life were doing well, they balanced out the crisis of his career. Soon after suffering probably the greatest embarrassment of his life, he was optimistic and looking forward to his next chance to speak in public.

How can you protect yourself from massive loss of energy? Imbalance is a major cause of mid-life crisis and depression; when career expectations aren't realized, too many people lose vision and hope for the future.

Pray that God would give you wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and courage to balance your expectations with reality.

Originally posted on Crosswalk in May 2008.

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