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Cocoa Krispies

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  • 2004 Aug 10

I intended to write on some serious subject tonight, although I hadn't made up my mind which one, when I decided to say a few words in praise of the perfect snack cereal, Cocoa Krispies. It happened like this. I was watching TV a few minutes ago with my wife and two of my boys when during a commercial, I ventured into the kitchen, foraging for food. After checking out the usual spots and finding nothing worth snacking on, I happened upon the cereal. At the moment we've got Raisin Bran and Cocoa Krispies. And that alone is unusual because I can't remember the last time we had Cocoa Krispies. It's been several years, at least. I think, though I'm not certain, that Marlene bought Cocoa Krispies because our middle son Mark has moved home for his final semester at Moody Bible Institute.

So I reached for the box to help myself. And here I pause to say that I'm going to make a confession that will make some people very unhappy, but confession is good for the soul, so here goes. I put my hand right in the box and pulled up a handful of Cocoa Krispies. That fact alone will no doubt ensure that some people will never again read anything I write. But at least I'm being honest about it, although to be sure, this is not a true confession because I don't feel guilty about it, or maybe I do, because I've spent a whole paragraph writing about it.

Anyway, the important point I wish to make is that Cocoa Krispies is (are?) the perfect snack cereal. By "snack cereal" I refer to any cereal you can eat right out of the box without bothering with a bowl. Or milk, for that matter. At this point I do not have to strain hard to sing the praises of the cereal because they are listed right on the box. Oops! I just discovered that the box says Cocoa Rice Krispies. The addition of the word "Rice" in the title has thrown me off a bit, but it has not destroyed my argument. The tiny letters underneath read "Chocolatey, sweetened rice cereal." I rest my case. What could be better than that? Not regular Rice Krispies (too dry). Not Shredded Wheat (basically inedible). Not oatmeal (a fine concoction but you have to cook it). Not Fruit Loops (that's for kids). Not Frosted Flakes (too sweet). I would place Cocoa Puffs a close second-but I believe they are made from wheat, and we're going with rice on this one. I am very partial to Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and if I had some right now, I might vote for it instead. Corn Flakes (forget it). Then you've got your tricked-up cereals like Muesli-which comes from somewhere like Switzerland or Germany, very tasty, but it needs milk or yogurt and maybe some fruit added. A careful analysis reveals that when it's a snack you want, and not a bowl of cereal, go for Cocoa Krispies. They pieces are tiny so it goes down easily, it's sweet, and you can get a good handful every time.

How could anyone argue with logic like that? Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Contrary arguments will be accepted-and might even be published in this space.

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