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It's Time for People in the Pews to Rise Up

From homosexual marriage to libertine attitudes about pre-marital sex and the role of evangelism to a lost world Mainline Protestant denominations such as the Presbyterian Church USA, The United Methodist Church, and the Episcopal Church have been moving quickly away from the Bible and toward the culture for years.  This leftward tilt has left these once viable denominations without a prophetic or even credible voice concerning biblical issues.  Failing to address the spiritual and moral needs of a nation, they have morphed into a poltical organization that considers itself the final word for the Christian community on poltiical hot topics such as homosexual marriage, global warming, human rights, and war around the world. 

For years, people have been leaving these churches in droves as they reject biblical truth in favor of a relativistic gospel that offers watered down doctine and a sinless, repentance free, works centered redemption. But now they have decided to join the leftist propaganda machine that churns out outrageous   

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