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Why This School is OK with a Man Exposing Himself to Young Girls

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  • 2012 Nov 14
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Posted by Jim_Daly Nov 13, 2012

Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., is allowing a 45-year-old man to use the school’s women’s locker room. He’s been reportedly spotted by young girls sitting exposed in the sauna.evergreencollege.png

How could this be true?

The man is said to believe he’s a woman. He goes by "Colleen" and is a student at the school. The locker room is used by several swim teams and local clubs – clubs that have young girls on their respective squads.

School officials aren’t denying the facts but they are defending this man’s use of the facility based upon his transgendered status.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom contend that the school is refusing to uphold Washington state law, which reads:ADF.jpg

“A person is guilty of indecent exposure if he or she intentionally makes any open and obscene exposure of his or her person or the person of another knowing that such conduct is likely to cause reasonable affront or alarm.”

Can’t reasonable people acknowledge that young girls being exposed to a naked man is harmful to the young girls?

Here is a glaring example of one of the sad consequences of social reengineering. We often hear the argument that a person’s sexual orientation and identification is an entirely private matter, that one person’s choice has no impact or effect on another person.

Try telling that to the parents of the young girls who are (or were) using the same locker room as this 45-year-old man.

As a culture we must stand up for the most vulnerable and protect the most innocent. Sadly, school officials appear to be more concerned with accommodating this adult than they do with safeguarding the security of young girls.

Children are to be a culture’s most cherished treasure. We allow anything to trump this priority at our peril.

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