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Pick-Up Lines Of Famous Men In History

Issac Newton, sporting the tresses few women could resist


Adam: Let's hide from Mr. Nosey up there, and have some fun. What's the worst that could happen?

Noah: There's room for one more!

Homer: Date me, or I'll bore you to death.

Socrates: Date me, or I'll confuse you to death.

Plato: Date me, or I'll prove you don't exist.

Alexander the Great: Do you know that I'm often called "The Great"? And I have no idea what the men call me, heh, heh, heh.

Julius Caesar: I came. I saw. I'm asking.

Michelangelo: I feel like before I met you, everyone I'd ever known was made of stone.

Leonardo da Vinci: I find your smile absolutely intriguing.

Martin Luther: Haven't you heard? Turns out we wouldn't have to go to confession at all!

Galileo: Other men may tell you they can bring you the moon. But look through this.

Sir Isaac Newton: Tell you what: You date me, and I'll let you borrow my wig.

William Shakespeare: Forsooth! Gway'ne ferbernitch won myryacle portenieth! Fie uponst thou eyre'nt hisslyp! Wait! Come back!

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie. Martha is my sister. From Nevada.

Benjamin Franklin: You know, in France I'm considered quite the catch. I am, too! Stop laughing.

Napoleon: My dear, I could bring you the world on a platter. Seriously. By, like, this Thursday.

Abraham Lincoln: I know when you look at me, all you see is my gargantuan nose, ears, lips, chin, cheekbones, and eyebrows. And my Amish beard. And my stovepipe hat. And my mournful expression. And my ill-fitting clothes. You know what? Forget it.

Vincent Van Gogh: Ear's lookin' at you! 

Sigmund Freud: As far as I'm concerned, there's just you and my mother--I mean, and no other.

Thomas Edison: I know you've never heard this phrase before, but trust me: You turn me on.

Albert Einstein: I know this sounds crazy, but I'm late for an important awards ceremony. Do you happen to have a comb or hairbrush on you that I could borrow?

Pablo Picasso: So, here come do often you?

Adolph Hitler: Hi, I'm Adolph Hit ... come back!

Mahatma Gandhi: I've been watching you watching me. And I think we both know that, deep down, you want to rub my head.

Winston Churchill: I've been watching you watching me. And I think we both know that, deep down, you want to rub Mahatma Gandhi's head. I can arrange that!

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Next!

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