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Sex is God's Way of Humbling Us

Wanna think about God? Then think about sex.

Because what happens when you think about sex? You go bonkers. We all go bonkers whenever we think about sex, because the entire mega-realm of Our Sexuality quite thoroughly dominates our lives and consciousness---and yet none of us can understand or control our interior sexual lives anymore than we can sing La Traviata backwards.

Unknowable, universal, life-producing, frightfully powerful force that defines and informs every aspect of our personal experience and identity.

Hmmmmm. Sound familiar?

Contrary to much Christian assumption, sex isn't the enemy of God. Sex is the model of God. Sex is what God hardwired into the core of each of us so that we might never, ever forget that when push comes to shove, we're lost. Dumb. Helpless. Uninformed. Woefully dense.

Driven like crazy. But lost as lost gets.

We like to think we know and understand God. I think sex is God's immediate, intimate way of irrefutably proving to us, eight thousand times a day, that we haven't even begun to understand him.

God likes us. He's always trying to communicate his nature to us. We, of course, are not equipped to contain or apprehend anywhere near the entirety of that nature.

But he wanted to give us something that could constantly remind us of the magnitude of the power with which he is always at work deep within every human soul.

And voila! Gonads.

Makes sense to me.

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