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The Supermodels of Appliances

You GO, girls!

Yesterday I was gratified to discover that a surprising number of my readers have fostered a distinct interest in my new home. Right on, sisters (and the occasional brother)! Up With Domesticity! Power to the plumber's helper! Yes, we are able to polish that table! One thing's for certain, we love a good curtain! Let it never be said that we can't make a bed! Give us some hugs, cuz you've seen our rugs! A home cooked meal has the power to heal! No one's a dork who has a clean fork!

Um. Anyway, of particular interest to my friends of the Majestic Domestic set seemed to be our use of pink in our new home.

It's shameless of me to do it, but at this point how can I resist showing you absolute Ground Zero for all things vermilion in our home?

Clearly, I can't.

Shield your eyes from the glory that is our Brand New Washer and Dryer!! These supermodels of the appliance set cost as much as your average space shuttle---and I believe are only slightly less technically sophisticated. Before the washer agitates, it cogitates. Before it can dry, the machine ponders "Why?" These bad boys are the Camus and Sartre of clothing care.

And check out the Utter Pinkatude of their room!

Hey, man. You don't put up Zsa Zsa Gabor in the Bombshell Motel.

For reference's sake, below are photographs of the place I (sometimes) did laundry in the last place I lived.

Ah, the cycles of life.

Here's a nice view while you're sitting waiting for your clothes

This machine puts the "rumble" in tumble

Believe me, when you're in this place, you're acutely aware of your need for change

I thought it might be fun to sit here. I was wrong.

Look! A sale on soap!

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